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Electro Galvanised Steel sheets are used in a remarkably wide range of applications in everyday life. The growth of such coated steel sheets has been especially astonishing. in fields where improved product durability and cost reduction by process omission are strongly required.

Today, coated steel sheets are widely used as corrosion-resistant steel sheets with excellent economy, mainly in fields such as automobiles, electrical appliances and Office Automation equipment.

American Precoat has devoted great effort to the development and production of various types of coated steel sheets, taking advantage of the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technologies. accumulated over many years.

Our electro-galvanized steel sheets are customized to respond to market needs that are constantly changing and increasingly diverse and sophisticated with extensive chemical conversion-treated products suited to their attractive appearance. In the future, we appreciate customers’ understanding of the outstanding properties. of American Precoat products and we look forward to serving You with the best possible product for every application. We provide high-quality coated metals, which are manufactured to meet customer specifications, saving time and money as well as eliminating the need to meet costly EPA regulations. Several metal substrates and coating types are available.

Our coated metals with their uniform Zinc distribution provide improved surface smoothness and excellent surface finish thereby providing base products for aesthetically appealing finished products.


  • It is most suitable when replacing Gls that require thick galvanized layers and high corrosion resistance.
  • It can be used for interior and exterior with painting or without painting because of its smooth surface and associated benefits and is used as a cool roofing material because of its excellent heat reflection qualities.
  • It can replace aluminum gilded steel sheets because of certain purposes of its electrical conductivity and its heat-resistance qualities even at high temperatures that do not exceed 315 degrees Celsius.
  • It has greater surface hardness than Gls and is much more wear-resistant.
  • Increased Corrosion Resistance using unique polymer coating treatment enabling better tooling and roll forming or press forming without spraying of processed oils.

Purpose: To build exterior roofing and walls, heating panels, boilers, pipes, premium fences, distribution panels, refrigerator back plates, displays, home appliance parts, etc.


American Precoat’s electro-galvanized prepainted steel with its specific advantages of providing a low-cost solution and more consistent product has found a vast acceptable market in control panels, washers, dryers, pedestals, Dishwashers & Small Appliances, Refrigerator wrappers, doors, and interiors.


American Precoal’s Electro Galvanised Steel for specialized applications like ammunition is a wise choice, given its ability to withstand healing and lubricity as required. Combined with our state-of-the-art research and development center, American Precoat’s engineers work hard with our customer’s product development personnel to ensure that the most effective coating and substrate steels are developed.


Manufacturers of a wide variety of metal products utilize a Special Electro Galvanised Pre-painted Steel, for consumer, industrial, and commercial products. Manufacturers benefit from using prepainted metal because the coated coils that arrive are ready to be fabricated into parts, consistent in quality, appearance, and functionality. Manufacturers can reduce production costs, and save time and hassles by using coated metal that is made to their unique specifications and performance needs.

Highly reflective white coatings are applied to light gauge metal, via the coil coating process, for manual- turners to fabricate into light fixtures.


Coaled metal is a proven alternative to add-on sound-deadening materials that can add both manufacturing and assembly costs and the potential for contamination in sensitive electronic environments. For applications like Motor mounts, Fan shrouds and enclosures, Allachment clips, Servers, Telecommunication racks, Computer cases and enclosures, and Hard drive covers; American Precoal provides a comprehensive CAD/CAE enhanced design, application engineering, prototyping, and component production capability to support customers. in the consumer electronics market. This includes a broad range of colors and finishes and a range of Electro-galvanized faux-stainless materials.


Our offering of Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal is used in a variety of office furniture products; including shelving, filing cabinets, desks and storage units.

Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal allows the designer to choose a specific finish for an item and is used when cost-effectiveness is a key issue and high-quality aesthetics are important. It also allows for two sides to be painted in different colors simultaneously. Thus, allowing a cabinet drawer to be colorful outside, and gray inside; or a shelving unit to have contrasting colors on the internal and external parts.

Commercially, Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal is also used in supermarket shelving, benches, counter- lops, and other point-of-purchase displays. Plus, the number one choice of lighting manufacturers is electro-galvanized Pre-painted material painted with high-reflectance white coatings.


Food and beverage packaging in cans/containers is needed to preserve food quality and nutrition for up to several years. During this duration, the interaction between the content and the package used has to be minimized. At American Precoat, sheets are thus coated with layers of special coatings, including an electro-plated coating that protects the integrity of the can from the effects of the food and prevents chemical reactions between the can’s metal and the food.


Electro-galvanized Pre-painted door panels, slat door panels and corrugated sheet roll-up doors add value to The products with advanced corrosion resistance when compared to post-painted products, Superior paint adhesion, excellent color consistency, excellent pant flow and uniform appearance (i.e, no orange peel), excellent clack and fade characteristics hard, scratch and stain resistance, Economic advantage.


For the HVAC industry, the use of American Precoal’s Electro-galvanized Bare/Pre-painted coils means not only a better product appearance, but the benefits of higher product quality and performance, increased productivity, and numerous economic advantages through cost eliminations.


The bakeware industry’s advanced requirements for durable consistent sprayed-on, non-slick coaling with complex contours, create challenges for material suppliers.

American Precoat offers a cost-efficient alternative that addresses the aesthetics and also provides flexibility, with resistance to rust, abrasion and dealing.


We provide innovative coatings to the ceiling grid market including electro galvanized coatings. Manufacturers can form ceiling grids from electro-galvanized pre-painted steel and eliminate the need for an in-house paint shop.


Architects and building owners are increasingly looking to Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal to meet their design vision for both commercial and residential installations. Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal’s ability to be formed into almost any shape, excellent resistance to weathering for superior longevity, infinite aesthetic color and texture options, and positive. environmental benefits, making it a perfect choice for both interior and exterior construction applications.


Our Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal roof panels are produced in a wide array of shapes. Metal roofing profiles are generally separated into two major categories including standing seam and formed shapes. Standing seam roofing panels are roll-formed into almost any length and are available in both exposed and hidden fastener systems. Formed shape Electro-galvanized Pre-painted roofing systems transform metal roofing into profiles that look like clay tile, slate, cedar shakes, shingles, and more. In addition to beauty, longevity, and functionality, Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal is available in “cool” infrared reflective pigment technology and ultra high gloss version. This technology saves energy (and money) on cooling by helping reduce a building’s interior temperature.


American Precoal’s Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal is a perfect choice for most interior and exterior wall panels. Metal wall panels are available in a large number of differing profiles in ribbed, insulated (foamed), composite, and architectural shallow flat styles.


Our Electro-galvanized Pre-painted metal’s ability to be stamped into deeply drawn and detailed shapes, resistance to weathering & corrosion, economic benefits, and environmental advantages make it a perfect fit for window panels.


In the case of Fuel Tanks, material suppliers face some challenges. Any kind of fuel tank has to handle two different types of environments. The exterior of automotive fuel tanks has to fight the harsh elements, such as road salt, slush, snow, ice, rainwater, stones, and assorted road debris for the life of the vehicle and the inside of the tank also presents a challenge in that the material must resist the corrosive chemical attack of various fuel additives while maintaining a benign relationship with everything from pure gasoline to various and constantly-changing formulations of biofuels.

These materials must be highly formable into complex shapes, weldable, and readily available in high volumes. American Precoat is uniquely equipped to handle all of these challenges with our ultra-durable repainted electro-galvanised steel.


Our Pre-coated electro-galvanized steel provides improved corrosion resistance and compatibility with the processes in car body production that involve resistance welding and cathodic electro-dip painting. This includes applications like sheets and panels for containers, caravan and mobile home sidings and interiors, van and trailer bodies, insulated boxes, and road and railway coaches.