Greener Steel


Our pre-painted electro-galvanized steel products are providing the most environmentally responsible way to apply paint on electro-galvanized steel. The whole process comes with several environment-friendly credentials, a few of which are:

  1. Recyclable Electro-galvanized steel: Both zinc and steel are naturally abundant and infinitely recyclable without the loss of any physical or chemical properties.
  2. Electro-galvanised coating: Consists of 99.9 % pure zinc applied by an electroplating process; absence of eco-destructive heavy metal (Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, etc.) making it suitable for water harvesting.
  3. No welding or wastage during construction; hence no damage to local flora and fauna.
  4. 98% VOC capture: The surface coating process is highly efficient and closed-looped because the coating curing ovens burn harmful VOCs, using them as fuel, saving energy, and eliminating pollutants.
  5. In the case of pre-painted metal coating very low consumption of paint – which makes it greener and lowers the carbon footprint in comparison to other coating technologies.
  6. Being coated steel, it has all three benefits Reuse, Recycle, and reduce.

The production of any building material requires material and energy inputs and emission and waste outputs. The key to sustainable development is to ultimately lower the environmental impact of producing a product, through optimization of manufacturing. The 100% recyclability of electro-galvanized steel is a great benefit to minimizing environmental impact. By contrast, the performance characteristics of most non-metallic materials degrade after recycling, resulting in a loss of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Excellent Flow and Levelling Compatible Green Technology

Additives are specially designed polymeric or oligomeric compounds, used in almost every finish composition, to achieve various desired performances, which cannot be met unless. These specialty chemicals, when used in appropriate dosage, which is generally very small in percentage in overall composition, often can drastically improve the parameter desired.

Our thoroughly researched product provides a unique combination of surface and bulk properties to the finish coating. It acts both as ‘flow & leveling’ as well as defoamers.

Salient features:

  • Reduces surface tension- hence improving surface wetting and flow property of coating.
  • Reduces craters, fish eye, pinholes, etc.
  • Excellent flow and leveling – minimize roller or brush marks.
  • Improves air-releasing property.
  • Absolute silicone free – hence does not impair the intercut adhesion & recoat ability.
  • Coil coating
  • Can coating
  • General solvent-based industrial coating.
Advantages: This unique multifunctional additive
  • Reduces formulation cost by replacing the use of different combinations of additives for achieving different properties (flow & leveling, wetting, defoamer, etc).
  • Compatible with most of the different solvent-based coating systems.
  • Compatible with most of the binder polymer.
  • Easily miscible.