American Precoat is building a transparent and lean corporate culture. Based on the ethical management system, including the Ethics Committee and the Ethics Office, we implement various ethical management activities to ensure that all employees understand their work ethics and conduct their work fairly and rationally. Based on our faith and trust, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibility and contribute to social and economic development and the well-being of humanity.

Ethical Management System

American Precoat operates the Ethics Management Team under the direct management of the CEO. Through ethical management practice guidelines, we declared our ethical management intent internally and externally, while providing support for the overall operation of ethical management and the execution of detailed ethical management activities, that include the establishment and operation of ethical regulations and the ethical management system. In addition, we established a company-wide. ethical management culture through education and campaigns for employees.

Ethical Management

American Precoat Group has established the Code of Conduct in order to clarify the direction of ethical management. In 2022, the Code of Practice has provided a clear guide to ethical issues. In addition, through ‘Ethical Management Diagnosis’ and ‘Leader Capability Diagnosis’, we are able to measure the level of ethical management and support accurate status monitoring. Based on the measured ethical management level, we revised the Code of Conduct and continue to reflect this in our education.

Code of Conduct

Trust from Employees

  •  Fair Corporate Culture
  • Respect for Others
  • Safe Working Environment
  • Transparent Financial Statements
  • Asset Protection and Prevention of abuse
  • Protection of Intellectual Rights
  • Compliance with Information Protection
  • Regulations
  • Forbiddance of Bribery
  • Forbiddance of Internal Trade
  • Forbiddance of Unfair Political Affairs

Trust from Customers

  • Top-notch Products & Services
  • Honest Marketing
  • Protection of Customer Information.

Trust from Partners

  • Fair Trade
  • Respect for Partnership
  • Fair Competition
  • Legitimate Collection of Information of Competitors

Trust from Society

  • Protection of the Environment
  • Social Contribution
  • Respect for Local Culture/ Compliance of Local Laws & Regulations

Ethical Management System​

We established an organized ethical management system to enable all employees to share and monitor for an ethical management culture. We operate the ethics management, share our ethics code internally and externally for all employees to observe the ethics pledge as well as engage in ethics management training and activities. In the meantime, we are establishing a reporting system. for internal and external stakeholders to report unethical activities.

Ethical Management Program

American Precoat implements a variety of ethical management programs including ethics. management letter, ethical management education, campaigns, and quizzes. Grounded in these efforts, we internalize ethical management across the company and bolster our ethical management. system

CEO's Letter on Business Ethics

In order to express our strong commitment to ethical management, American Precoat has disseminated the CEO’s Letter of Ethics to employees and partner firms ever since the launch of the “Do not Give nor Receive Holiday Gift” campaign in 2022. We are constantly striving to ensure that a fair and transparent trading culture is established through our members’ will to conform to an ethical mindset extended to external stakeholders as well.

Ethical Management Education

American Precoat is committed to active ethical management that goes beyond the level of passive ethical management to prevent unethics and corruption, and to the ethical relationship that strives for long-term cooperation, and respect among employees. We have repeatedly conducted ethical management education through various methods such as online and collective education to internalize the ethical mind of our employees in business ethics.

Online Portfolio (Compliance-reporting System)

American Precoat accepts reports of violations committed by internal-external stakeholders through the “Online Portfolio” on our Ethical Management website. The identity of an informant will be kept strictly confidential to prevent any possible disadvantages and unfair treatment for reporting. The feedback and handling process for the violation report is disclosed to the informant through a wired method and e-mail. Additionally, we provide various online and offline reporting channels such as postal mail, wired line, and e-mail, so that feedback and improvement suggestions for ethical management can be submitted anytime and anywhere.

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